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Dublin, Ireland - January 28, 2014 — Dublin Castle was the ideal setting for CIE Tours International’s 24th Annual Awards of Excellence that crowned 80 Irish hotels and visitor attractions with well deserved recognition. On Tuesday, January 28, Ireland’s Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring, presented plaques to the winners – hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions – all of whom received consistent high praise in surveys of 28,000 customers. The awards ceremony marked the end of a phenomenal year for Irish tourism, helped in no small measure by The Gathering, a nationwide effort to bring the Irish diaspora – and anyone else who feels the pull toward this ancient land – back home.

“Business was up 20% in 2013,” says Brian Stack, Managing Director of CIE Tours International, giving credit to the efforts of The Gathering, which pulled in an estimated 4,500 additional visitors to CIE Tours, generating revenue in the neighborhood of $9.5 million. Confidence is booming – and hopes for continued and even increased success in 2014 is on everyone’s radar.

Ireland has always been an alluring place to visit – and now getting there has never been easier. Increased air access from the West Coast, as well as from Canada and Australia (via global hubs in the Middle East) has made Irish travel simpler. Mr. Ring, the Irish tourism minister, notes that U.S.-to-Ireland air capacity is set to rise more than 10% this year – after a 25% increase in 2013. Canadian access is up 71%.

Getting people to Ireland is one thing; making sure their visit surpasses expectations and win raves is another – and CIE Tours, one of the largest purchasers of tourism services across the country – has made it a practice to monitor feedback. Says Mr. Stack, “CIE Tours brought 30,000 visitors to the Cliffs of Moher, 17,000 to Bunratty, 20,000 to the Guinness Storehouse and 13,000 to the Titanic exhibition in Belfast.” That kind of volume translates into a great ability to fine-tune the visitor experience so it remains top-notch and a consistent value for the money.

Brian Stack, Managing Director of CIE Tours International, addressing the celebrants at CIE Tours International’s 24th Annual Awards of Excellence

CIE Tours International’s deluxe motorcoaches lined up at Dublin Castle for CIE Tours International’s 24th Annual Awards of Excellence

About CIE Tours International

For the past 83 years, CIE Tours International has provided travelers with the highest quality vacation experience to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. They have held their reputation in the travel industry by providing customers with value, security, reliability, and of course satisfaction. Tour directors are focused to give passengers the opportunity to learn not only the culture and history of the destinations they are visiting, but also to experience the delights of local food, comfortable transportations, and other amenities to guarantee a first class holiday.

What makes CIE Tours unique in comparison to other tour companies is they truly listen to customers by using their feedback and suggestions to update itineraries as well as improve their selection of tours every year. With the continuous support from travel partners, they have been able to increase their collection of escorted tours from 44 to 52 for 2015. All CIE Tours travel programs are protected by the company's $550+ Advantage, a no-fee benefit guaranteeing that travelers are never charged for special features considered optional extras with other tour companies. This benefit saves couples an average of $550 per week.

CIE Tours International knows what it takes to ensure a great vacation experience. For additional information, contact your travel agent, call 1-800-243-8687, or visit

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