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Onto my Fourth Country


By: Samantha Henderson


Date: June 28, 2017


Roman Baths, Bath
Roman Baths, Bath
Last night was so much fun! Upon arrival, we started off the night with a tour of Cardiff Castle. We were able to climb the tower and view incredible rooms along the way. I think we were all blown away by the intricacy of each room. For instance, one room had the story of each astrological sign illustrated on the wall. The bathroom had brass fish on the bottom of the bathtub, and the highest room's ceiling was dotted with small silver domes that shone like stars when the chandelier rose. I'll start saving up now in case it ever goes on the market!


Tour Guide, Cardiff Castle
Tour Guide, Cardiff Castle
Next, we entered a different part of the castle and were greeted with honey mead, a potent alcohol behind the traditional term, 'honey moon', when newlyweds would drink the beverage for a full moon cycle (I learned that from a jester in the castle!). We were then brought into the beautifully set dining room and seated at round tables with three bottles of wine and a bread basket on each. A very comedic man welcomed us and made us feel at home until some lovely ladies (some studying at Welsh arts universities) came and serenaded us with their stunning voices.


Dinner was then served, with entertainment between each course. First, we had lamb soup, which was not my preference until I actually tried this delicious soup. Next was roast chicken stuffed with soft cheese… sounds so simple but it was oh, so delicious. The meal was accompanied by a plethora of vegetables, cooked to perfection. Dessert, everyone's favorite part of every meal, was a cheesecake. I promise you, it was not just any old cheesecake but I cannot put my finger on what made it so good. There was something about it that made you want each bite to last forever. Not only was the food to die for, but the entertainment consisted of music and song that made our hearts stop, and performances that made us cry laughing. We all left Cardiff Castle with a smile on our face and a whole new understanding of Welsh culture.

Guest Neal being chosen to participate, Cardiff Castle
Guest Neal being chosen to participate, Cardiff Castle


After breakfast in the morning, we departed the hotel for the City of Bath, a city rich with history, plenty to do, and tons of architectural beauty. First, we were led to the Roman Baths, a symbol of the Roman’s care for cleanliness and self-care, as well as socialization. We toured the baths at our own pace by using the helpful audio guides. It was very interesting to see how amazing the baths looked so many years ago, and to put ourselves in the shoes of those who once waded in the waters we now marveled at. The architecture is awe-inspiring and the ideas behind it are even crazier. I really enjoyed the experience!

Roman Bath, Bath
Roman Bath, Bath


With free time in Bath, I had the chance to do a few different things. I shopped in a Christmas store called December 25 that had marvelous Christmas displays. I watched a teenage tap dancer give it all he had on the street. I tried a pastry, ground beef and onions inside a puffed pastry... And now I'm hungry. Bath is a wonderful city to visit, even apart from the history.


I've been having so much fun on this tour! Tomorrow is going to be a fun day and I can't wait for you to see it through my eyes!


Meet ya there!




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