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The Beauty of Giant's Causeway


By: Samantha Henderson


Date: June 10, 2017


Nine Glens of Antrim
Nine Glens of Antrim
I have just had an incredible day! We left the beautiful Culloden Hotel and Estate this morning after a tasty breakfast. We then travelled toward Giants Causeway via the most gorgeous route. We drove along the Nine Glens of Antrim, which offers views of vibrant green rolling hills, as well as a rugged coastline. The ride was very enjoyable and went by almost too quickly.


Soon, we arrived at Giants Causeway. On arrival, I was a little confused. There wasn't much to look at from where we were dropped off. However, after walking just a little bit, I started to see the phenomenally picturesque landscape unfolding. Every step brought about a new perspective that was even more gorgeous than the one before, although seemingly impossible.

Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim
Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim


There were so many ways to explore at Giants Causeway. I happen to be one for heights, so I decided to take a moderately difficult hike up the surrounding cliffs in order to take in some amazing aerial views of the sea and formations below. While I enjoyed the view, many guests opted for other ways of exploring. Some simply walked throughout the museum, while others climbed amongst the interesting formations that line the ocean. Many guests decided to view the scenery via easy strolls or leisurely hikes to the height of their heart's content.


My hike involved an easy walk along the formations and ocean to the base of the cliffs. My ascent began by footpath and then gave way to what are known as the 'shepherd steps'. Once I reached the top, I looked out to the cliffs on either side of me, tracing the ocean below. To say I was speechless would be a complete understatement. I have never seen such breathtaking natural beauty in all my life.


Like always, the view became more beautiful and interesting with every few steps, just as I thought it couldn't possibly be any better. While the top of the cliffs were nothing near busy, I was accompanied by visitors of all ages and physical ability, including families with children and a very cute yellow lab who enjoyed the climb.


The panoramic views continued until I steadily descended via footpath, which led straight to the motor coach. We were all a little sad to go, but had plenty of time to explore and were ready to move on to Derry, or Londonderry as some may call it. We were led around Derry town by a fabulous guide who taught us all about the rich and surreal history of the town. At the end of our interesting tour, the guide sang a beautiful rendition of "O Danny Boy" and led us back to the motor coach.


We soon made our way to Dublin, where three of us from the British and Irish Delight tour would part, as we sent the other eight on their way to finish up their elongated tour, British and Irish Grandeur. We all had great fun in Dublin for the night, experiencing the culture and the pubs. After a great night and I said goodbye to some of the fantastic friends I'd made along the way, I checked into the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, just outside Dublin. The hotel room was incredibly spacious and offered beautiful balcony views of the harbor.


Next, I'll be moving on to a new tour, Southern Gems, with CIE tour guide Sabina.


Meet ya there!




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